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  • Human analytics platform for video marketers and publishers, coaches, sales executives, and pretty much anyone who uses video to communicate!
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Humalytics Launch Dates
Save the below dates on your calendar, get ready for an EPIC game changing launch AND qualify for awesome prizes and commissions.
Cart Opens:
Tuesday, December 13th (11AM EST)
Launch Ends:
Sunday, December 18th (11:59PM EST)
Launch pricing will close on Nov 20th -- Important!
Post-launch: Humalytics will not be available at all for a one-time fee after the launch. It will be a recurring charge of $297/year. Promote the launch and help your customers save while you profit BIG!
What is Humalytics?
Humalytics™ is the all-NEW Innovative “Human Metrics” technology that measures the emotional response, facial expressions and reactions from REAL people who watch your videos to help you PREDICT and CONVERT more viewers into paying customers & save TONS of cash wasted in unproductive video marketing.

Attention Measurement

Measure total attention time, number of glances away, blink detection, and attention span right down to the specific second.

Facial Expression Detection

Detect and uncover viewer facial expressions including smiles, frowns and other facial expressions that reveal how your audience is responding to your video.

Emotion Detection

Understand how your audience REALLY feels and interacts with your videos. Collect and measure human metrics like: Happiness, Sadness, Excitement, Surprise, Boredom…and more!

Gender & Age Smart Detection

Detect viewer gender and approximate age and see to which demographic group your video performs better with. Then use these insight to generate TONS of clicks and sales through things like Facebook video advertising. 
Hey...This Is A BIG Deal:
Real-time feedback-gathering intelligence that reveals how happy, sad or bored viewer's feel while watching any video!
Avoid the guesswork and slash video advertising expenses by measuring your video's ACTUAL effectiveness. 

See in real-time what people really FEEL while watching your videos and how engaged they are - without assumptions!
The Funnel
You Earn 50% Commission On The Entire Funnel... And Recurring Commissions Too!
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Instant + Recurring 50% Commissions

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Premium Copywriting And Design

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Blank-Link Retargeting

We'll be running retargeting ads with blank links right through the launch... which means not only will your visitors be sucked back to the sales page with extreme prejudice, they'll still have your affiliate cookie when they buy.
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Put This In Your Calendar Now: Tuesday - December 13th @ 11am EST
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Email Swipes:
Here are a few emails with different angles. We recommend NOT using these emails "word for word", but rather that you use them as inspiration to craft your own campaigns for maximum results!
For your convenience, these bonuses will automatically added to your customer's account under the "BONUSES" section.
Bonus #1:
Video Marketing Cheat Sheet
All the tools and equipment I use to create my videos! Everything from software, cameras, lighting, secret resources and more!
Bonus #2:
60+ Stock Video Backgrounds
Over 60 Professional Quality Scenery and Motion Video Backgrounds to set your marketing videos apart from the competition. Use these in your sales videos, upsell videos, product launch videos and more!
Bonus #3:
100+ Background Music Tracks
Over 100 Professional Quality Royalty Free Background Music Tracks that you can use to enhance your marketing videos!
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We Look Forward to Crushing This With You!
Launch Date:
Tuesday - December 13th @ 11am EST
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