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  • Cleverly Frame And Overlay Your Video Offers With Sophisticated Calls-To-Action That Are Perfectly Timed to Bag The Sale! 
  • Easily Run “Watch & Win” Contests That Effortlessly Grab Attention and Drive Traffic! 
  • Finally, Use A/B Split Testing For Videos… That’s DEAD SIMPLE! (Even Works Inside The Facebook Newsfeed)
  • Add “TIMED BUTTONS” That Appear Strategically, As Your Video Plays – Like “BUY NOW” or “SUBSCRIBE HERE” 
  • Use “Smart Scheduling” That Automatically Streams & Plays Your Videos At Times YOU CHOOSE! (Perfect for evergreen webinars as well as adding urgency to your offers…)
  • And so much more…!
Normally: $97.00
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  • Create UNLIMITED 2D & 3D animated videos in minutes using the power of the Hypnotic 3D Storytelling Effect that SELLS MORE + grabs attention!  
  • NEW "Human Metrics" Built-In Technology that measures the emotional response to your videos in REAL people (know the effectiveness of your video before your audience sees it!) 
  • Dozens of High-Performing Built-In Templates and Massive Library with 2D/3D Characters... Animations... Theme Sets... Backgrounds... And Objects for nearly every marketing video imaginable. 
  • Create, edit, and publish... your videos from ONE single software. No need to use different tools to create the amazing videos you want! 
  • Commercial Rights Available... sell your 3D videos for profit! 
  • And So Much More...
Don't be fooled!
Even if you’re NEW to video publishing… 

And even if you’ve got almost no advertising budget… 

There is NO REASON to handicap your business and limit your sales by publishing your videos on YouTube, anymore!

Why would you risk THROWING AWAY your potential customers with YouTube videos that, even when embedded on YOUR website…

… DISTRACT your audience, and misdirect them with endless competing ads, links and videos?! 

  Especially when, now, there’s a better choice!

One that allows you to carefully guide and control your audience’s movements through EVERY STEP of your sales funnel to ultimately increase your overall sales!

And no, I’m not talking about paying a video hosting service like Wistia more than $29.95 per month plus bandwidth charges.(They use those low fees to suck you in. Fees on our old Wistia account quickly went up to $500+ per month including bandwidth charges!) 

I’m talking about giving you the chance to use VooPlayer Pro:
… In combination with FREE video hosting via DropBox. 

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Visitors, Leads, & Sales... Every Single Month!
More than 14,000+ businesses are ALREADY using vooPlayer Pro to attract MILLIONS of visitors, 
leads, and sales every month. 

And it’s easy to see why: 

Using vooPlayer Pro, you will finally be 100% in control of your audience’s viewing experience.

Every link ... suggestion ... and call to action included in your videos will be carefully inserted and timed to appear when YOU DECIDE!
Your options are endless… … 

Because thanks to the sophisticated suite of marketing tools included in vooPlayer Pro, you’ll 
be able to strategically guide your audience to TAKE THE NEXT STEP in your sales process.

Subscribe. Sign up. Call. Share. Buy… WHATEVER you want! 

And you’ll never worry about losing them to YouTube links & ads!
Say GOODBYE To Those Nasty
Monthly Video Hosting Fees...
With vooPlayer Pro, you can finally say goodbye to those nasty monthly video hosting fees… 

(Or, avoid them entirely!) 

All by using vooPlayer Pro in combination with Dropbox to stream your videos directly from their reliable cloud server!

Again, once you’ve invested in vooPlayer Pro, that’s it!
You can use the FREE basic plan or dirt-cheap unlimited plan via DropBox to stream your videos…
And save $350 to $5,000+ per year on video hosting!
All while using the most sophisticated suite of video marketing tools you’ve EVER SEEN to dramatically increase sales and results from your videos.
And if you don’t want Dropbox? YES-- you can still use YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, Google Drive and more to host your videos.
Complete Suite of Sophisticated
Video Marketing Tools, One Unified System
Empowers You To Dramatically Increase The Money You Make From 
Every Video... By Adding Well- Timed Calls To Action That Drive 
Viewers To Take The Next Step!
With vooPlayer Pro, you’ll have all the tools you need to seamlessly integrate your videos into your sales funnels…

… With strategically placed calls to action!

Your audience will never wonder “what’s next”—because you’ll always be a step ahead, guiding them to BUY, SUBSCRIBE, CALL… or whatever you want them to do next after watching your videos!
Magically Appearing Opt-in Boxes:
Easily capture the email addresses of your audience
with an opt-in box that appears as an overlay, any time during your video!
Cleverly Timed "Calls to Action"
See how quickly your conversion rates increase when 
you add a clickable "Buy" or "Subscribe" button that appears in the video at the precise moment YOU CHOOSE!
Viral "Share This Video" Gates
For More Traffic:
Attract waves of viral traffic by making your audience
SHARE your video - before they're allowed to watch it!
Required "Subscribe Now" Gates for More Emails + Leads:
Watch how fast your email list grows when you insist that people subscribe BEFORE they can watch your video.
Add Forms, Buttons, & Live Chat To Any Video!
Display almost ANY custom element in your
video - forms, buttons, live chat, and more! (Images, buttons, HTML/CSS, Javascript, etc.)
Insert "Tap to Call Me" Icons
Your phone will ring off the hook when you insert this "tap to call me" icon in ANY VIDEO - triggering an instant phone call to ANY NUMBER you choose via mobile!
... And that's just the start of what vooPlayer can do for you.
Because with vooPlayer Pro, you're also getting:
The Most ADVANCED Next-Generation Video Marketing Tool That Allows You To Do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING Inside Any Video
Made Easy & Accessible for Small Business Owners:
A/B Video Split Testing Made EASY!
Finally, you’ll have the confidence to run A/B split tests of your videos… and know which one generates the most sales + leads. 

Test for:
  •  Play rate
  •  Engagement
  •  Social activity
  •  Opt-ins
  •  And SALES!
When you’re done, vooPlayer Pro shows you the WINNER!
vooPlayer Pro makes running these A/B tests so easy, there’s no more feeling intimidated by the logistics or behind-the-scenes tech. 

You can even run these tests on Facebook…

… Where you’ll score the CHEAPEST Facebook-approved ads ever! 

Sending ad traffic to a video Facebook post is CHEAP—and Facebook loves it because you’re keeping the traffic ON Facebook.
Schedule Videos To Play
At A Future Date!
Nothing rocks conversions like the urgency of a video playing LIVE.

  With vooPlayer Pro’s Smart-Date technology, you can set up videos to play at certain dates and times on complete autopilot. 

This is perfect for scheduling tutorials, webinar replays, sales videos, movies, documentaries and more. 

No other software necessary!
Use Viral “Watch & Win” Contests™
To Bribe Viewers To Watch Your 
Tired of your viewers dropping off halfway through the video?  

Use “Watch and win” contests to keep your viewers engaged until the very end… and then use the Viral SHARE feature to attract an extra flood of traffic.
Recover LOST SALES... With Video Retargeting!
Retarget only the people who’ve watched a certain percentage of your video but didn’t buy ...and RECOVER lost sales!

vooPlayer lets you drop the cookie at any point in your video. 

Only want people who watched the first thirty seconds? All the way to the end? 

It’s drag-and-drop simple. And you’ll never waste money retargeting visitors who bounced after a couple of seconds.
"Enter Your Phone Number" Gate - 
For Text Message (SMS) Marketing To 
HOT Sales Leads!
Text message (SMS) marketing currently has 8X the response rate of email marketing… so if you’re not using SMS marketing yet, you are leaving money on the table!

With this SMS Gate feature, vooPlayer Pro allows you to require that viewers enter and verify their phone number—BEFORE they watch, or CONTINUE watching your video. Genius! 
Plus, a ton more AMAZING features like:
Tools That Ensure Your Audience NEVER MISSES
A SECOND Of Your Video, Like:
Video Heatmaps & Viewing Trends
Detailed graphs & reports show you which parts of your videos have been watched, skipped, and what people keep re-watching.
Mass Video Import

Makes it easy to IMPORT pre-existing videos without wasting time manually changing each video.
Auto-Adjust Logic

Place your video in sidebars or placeholders of different heights and widths - the size adjusts automatically.
Player Customization Tools

Change the look + feel of the video player to match your own brand.
Social Sharing Buttons

Viewers can share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
Video Conversion Technology

Your videos are automatically converted
to web and mobile-ready formats!
Video Security

Hide your video URL - making it
impossible for others to rip off, share, or download!
... It's Exactly What You Need To Publish Your
Videos ANYWHERE - With One Click!
Facebook, WordPress, Your Own Server, ANYWHERE!
Publish on Facebook

Collect leads, generate traffic and sales all within Facebook newsfeed.
Publish on Wordpress

Easily connect your vooPlayer account to any WordPress site, without any technical skills needed. Once connected, you can add videos with one-click to your posts/pages.

Simply copy and paste the video “embed code” onto any web page, and you’re done! vooPlayer Pro works with all ecommerce platforms.
And start using vooPlayer Pro’s sophisticated suite of video marketing tools to carefully guide and control your audience’s movements through EVERY STEP of your sales funnel…

… With carefully timed calls-to-action that ultimately increase your overall leads captured, sales and PROFITS! 
More than 14,000 loyal business owners like you are ALREADY using vooPlayer Pro to serve video content to their tribes!

And we’ve personally used it to attract over 32,583 visitors + $12,111 in sales… in a single week!

So you can feel confident incorporating it into your business, too.

However, here’s the BEST NEWS of all: 

While other businesses are paying $197 PER MONTH to serve video content to their audience with vooPlayer Pro (worth it because they’re making a KILLER PROFIT with the marketing tools you’ve seen outlined here)…

… As part of our launch celebration for Humalytics, we’ve decided to give away LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTIONS to vooPlayer Pro for a one-time investment of just $197! 

That’s right. While others pay $197 per year, you’ll enjoy a LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION for a single investment of $197.

That’s it. 

And remember:  

By using vooPlayer Pro in combination with DropBox, you have the opportunity to eliminate your video hosting costs! (Or, if you serve a lot of video content, cut your hosting costs by 50% OR MORE!) 

An additional savings of over $350 per year! 

With the protection of a 100% money back guarantee that lets you try it all RISK FREE for the next 30 days. 

But I must warn you… 

This LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION offer for vooPlayer Pro for the single investment of $197, protected by a 100% money back guarantee, is only available on this page.  

There’s no coming back. And no second chances. 

So don’t wait. Make the decision to upgrade now…
14,000+ Users Can't Be Wrong...
Claim My Deal On the #1 Video Player
 + Video Creation Software!
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